Onto Greener Pastures – Recap of “Holy Cow!” Holistic Management Event

10 thoughts on “Onto Greener Pastures – Recap of “Holy Cow!” Holistic Management Event”

  1. Great summary of the controversial Alan Savory claims. At the very least, holistic management is a great tool to think with – and use from the ecological farmers tool shed.

    1. I love that approach! One tool out of many is definitely how I see his grazing approach. Personally, I think his whole claim that “there is no alternative” – which might be true in the specific context of severe land degradation – is more prone to put people off and antagonize them rather than bringing them on his side and getting them to consider his ideas more seriously. Introducing the idea a bit more humbly might be more successful in the long run…

  2. I remember seeing this guy first time round, and struggling to believe what he said. I think some of the things he says are definitely true, but not applicable the world over. It does depend on the ecosystem in question. Jealous you got to meet him!

    1. Haha, well I didn’t shake hands with him or got to talk to him one-on-one unfortunately. But he has a really powerful presence and interacts with an audience very well. I was also impressed by his CV – I didn’t know he was born in Rhodesia or had worked for the national park service there (though there were also other parts that surprised me like the fact that he had been involved in the civil war there?). But he definitely did a good job in presenting the life lessons he learned and did not shy away from admitting past mistakes, which I liked. And I totally agree that it depends on the ecosystem in question!

  3. Reblogged this on Eco Books 4 Kids and commented:
    Land degradation and desertification is major problem and poorer areas of the world, and a major issue for food production as a whole. This article from Food (Policy) for Thought features a Ted Talk and extensive written portion explaining the problem, and a possible solution! Are cows the answer?

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