Happy Thanksgiving! Going Shopping Tomorrow?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope you are enjoying your holidays and spending time with friends, family and loved ones. Now, one question – how do you feel about Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday coming up? Artists like Chris Piascik regularly criticize the “I’m SO thankful for everything I have. I am truly blessed — HEYY LOOK, CHEAP STUFFFFF! I NEED IT!! IT’S MINE!! GET OUTTA MY WAY!!” mentality that grips us around this particular holiday. Doing as much thinking as I do about sustainable consumption patterns, this attitude particularly pains me – especially if people end up buying things that they don’t particularly need. However, we don’t have to fall into the trap of the race for the best deals, and companies don’t have to follow the generic pattern of offering below-cost goods just to keep up with the competition either, as firms like Patagonia impressively showcase.

The Responsible Economy
Image credit: Patagonia

They are well-known for supporting long-lasting rather than instantaneous purchasing decisions and first showed up on the radar with their infamous “Don’t buy this jacket” ad in the New York Times on Black Friday 2011.

This year, they go even further in advocating for sustainable consumption decisions by hosting Black Friday Worn Wear parties in their stores, where this 30 min movie about the relationship of people with their favorite worn pieces of clothing is screened, live music and food is offered, and a Patagonia repair clinic is hosted where customers can repair their used Patagonia gear. Check out this post to see whether there are parties in your city!

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