Onto Greener Pastures – Recap of “Holy Cow!” Holistic Management Event

Sooooo guess who I had the honor to hear speak yesterday? Allan Savory!

He is the founder of the Savory Institute and a man on a mission to convince the world that livestock could be the solution to, not the cause of, land degradation and desertification. His TED-talk here is a perfect representation of his idea and also his quietly convincing presentation style – which I got to know in depth today at an event at SLU called “Holy Cow!” on his idea of Holistic Management of soils, in particular holistic grazing practices, and their practical application.

This video gives even more infos about the Holistic Management concept, but I’m not going to just sit here and let you watch videos, now am I? My friend and I had so many questions – many of which were answered mid-session – that I thought a Q&A style post would work really well here. So here goes:

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Our Green Planet

We live in a world with a wealth of information at our fingertips, and more and more frequently even extraordinary ways in which this information can be presented. Case in point is this video: it showcases data gathered by satellites on the “greenness” of our planet from 2012 to 2013. Check it out and see … Continue reading Our Green Planet