Mid-May Reads!

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The Nauru Agreement – A Cartel to Save Tuna?

Chances are, you would be hard-pressed to place nations such as Micronesia, Kiribati, Nauru, the Marshall Islands, Palau, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Tuvalu on a map. However, these eight tiny Pacific island-states might be decisive in protecting one of the last remaining healthy tuna fisheries in the world, as this article reports.

The tiny island-states pack a punch when it comes to legislating their waters.
Image by Matt Kieffer, via Flickr CC.

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Fishy: EU Ministers and Parliament Fight over Discard Ban Policy

It is always fascinating to see how closely our study topics are related to current policy discussions. In one of our classes, we talked in-depth about fishing quotas and their adverse effects, including discards – this is the part of a fishing vessel’s haul that is a) not profitable enough (being too small and young, or fish for which there is no demand) or b) includes species for which they do not have a quota anymore, meaning they are not allowed to bring them on land. Thus, this “discard” is thrown back overboard, where up to 90% of the fish die (the mortality rates vary broadly by species, however).

Countries with comparatively large fishing communities, such as Spain, France and Portugal, showed most opposition to the agreement.
Image by Flickr user crew_agent, via Flickr Creative Commons.

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